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My approach is largely informed by over 15 years of personal inquiry, meditaiton and yoga, as well as thousand of hours of training in the field of mental health. With moment to moment attention and a kind and curious attitude, together we will listen and follow your own innate capacity to unblock habitual patterns that cause stress and disease. Through slowing down these habitual patterns with kind awareness, we gain access to new possiblities for responding to life's difficulties and an even greater capacity for joy, well-being and the deepest possible freedom. 


My somatic training includes two years of training in Peter Levine’s pioneering work, Somatic Experiencing, a natural approach to trauma healing and two years of Somatic Based Trauma Resolution treatment with Janina Fischer, a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy psychologist and trainer, as well as, years as a yoga practitioner and teacher.


I completed a 2-year post-graduate internship in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT, at Clearwater Counseling and Assessment Services in Oakland and a five day DBT foundational training course through Behavioral Tech. DBT is a mindfulness based treatment that specializes in helping people lead emotionally intelligent lives.  During that time I saw clients individually and co-taught adult and family DBT Skills Classes. I completed my masters practicum at Family Paths in Oakland, with an emphasis on family systems and trauma. And worked as a residential counselor at the SAGE House in San Francisco. I completed my masters degree in Counseling at California State University East Bay.


Trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Emotional Balence, I also has extensive experience teaching mindfulness classes and retreat throughout the bay area in the public and private sector including Berkeley Unified School District and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In January 2013 I began Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Societies four year meditation retreat teacher training program with Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, Joseph Goldstein, Philip Moffitt, Gil Fronsdale and others. Read more about Erin






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