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My approach is informed by over 15 years of personal inquiry, meditation and yoga, as well as thousands of hours of training in the field of mental health. With moment-to-moment attention and a kind and curious attitude, together we will listen and follow your own innate capacity to release habitual patterns that cause stress and disease. By slowing down, deeply listening and tracking the often hidden messages of the body, we gain access to new possibilities for responding to life, increased well-being and the with dedication the deepest possible freedom. 


My clinical training includes a post-graduate internship in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) at Clearwater Counseling and Assessment Services in Oakland, Neurobioloigcally-Informed Stabilization Treatment with Janina Fisher, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Bob Stahl and clinical work at Family Paths in Oakland and Project SAGE in San Francisco.


In addition to clinical training I have also trained in somatic approaches to healing. I am a Biodynamic Cranial Touch Practitioner, under the guidance and mentorship of Giorgia Milne. I also trained in Somatic Experiencing with Steve Hoskinson.


In addition to a being a psychotherapist I am also a Rites of Passage Guide and Buddhist Meditation Teacher.  I am a Rites of Passage trainer with the Steppings Stones Project. I also graduated from the Spirt Rock and Insight Meditation Society Teacher Training Program. I teach meditation at Spirit Rock, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and in the East Bay at Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley.  


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