My Humble Experiment in Gift Economics
I invite you to participate with me in my own gift economics experiment.

Here is how I currently run my experiment:


I have three offerings: Community Events, Distributive Leadership with groups and organizations and Spiritual Strategy Sessions with Individuals.


I currently offer all my community events as no one turned away for lack of funds. These events are genuinely offered on gift and I encourage everyone to attend these offerings and enter the gift experiment with me. I offer sliding scale guidelines because people have asked for support in determining what would meet my needs.

My training and work within supporting groups in creating distributive leadership models is with Nonviolent Global Liberation, NGL.  I am currently working intensively on a project to create a physical home base for our community that has been online until now.


I am also working with organizations applying what I have learned as an apprentice. All of the distributive leadership work I do is offered completely on gift. I often pay to work which can include travel, lodging and food because the resources I have as a highly skilled citizen of the global north give me access to resources that exceed the resources of the communities I serve. 

So how do I manage to offer community events on gift and distributive leadership models to groups where I often pay to work?

I offer spiritual strategy sessions to a very small group of people who can pay me fees that sustain my material needs each year. This may seem ironic that I am advocating gift economics and then I charge fees. My intention is to eventually transition completely to a needs-based gift economic model and at this point this system is the best I can come up with given the current opportunities and constraints in my life. 


Regarding my spiritual strategy work with individuals, I select clients based on three criteria.


One, those who are making an impact in the world that I believe is important for the critical shift that is needed for at this time of global crisis. It is not the scale of the work I am interested. Interested in two specific qualities. One, is the quality of heart that is oriented towards care for the whole. Two, burning desire enter into some longing their soul is calling for at this time and a willingness to risk more and more to re-direct the economic, social, political and environmental crisis we are in.


My clients work in education, healthcare, community organizing, water stewardship, law and social justice sectors. They range from volunteers to Chief Technical Officers  and everything in between. It is a quality of heart and commitment seeking. It nourishes me to support people who share my level of passion to make a critical change that supports them in their next internal and external shift in life.


Two, is the capacity to pay me a minimum of $350 US for a 1.25 hour session. This rate allows me to work with a small group of clients and have my rent, food and travel for my other work covered. That said, I recently had a client who offered me 26K for a nine month immersion, including every other week session for 1.25 hours and three 5 hours outdoor intensives.


This windfall significantly reduced the amount I needed to work during a significant distributive leadership project. I am open to working with people who want to co-create immersions with me for fees that can support me doing my other work. 

If you got this far, I appreciate you reading about my experiment in needs-based gift economics. I offer it as a completely imperfect and sincere experiment and sincerely hope more people will continue to join this growing movement. 


To learn more about gift economics and the thoughts that have shaped me go to the resources page under the distributive leadership heading. 

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Sogorea Te' Land Trust - Rematriate the Land


I pay a monthly tax to the phenomenal organization Sogorea Te' Land Trust. An indigenous women-led organization returning land to indigenous stewardship. 

My home office sits within the xučyun-'awwašte land today that is the unceded traditional ancestral homelands of the xučyun, an Ohlone people. 


If you reside on Lisjan Ohlone lands please consider donating to the Sogorea Te Land Trust and support the work of rematriation and returning indigenous land to indigenous peoples.