Dharma Salon

with Erin Selover


Six Tuesdays, January 5th – February 9th

7:15 – 9:00pm

933 Parker Street, Studio 38, Berkeley

No registration necessary


We are all already awake. We each have a unique combination of enlightened qualities that are naturally expressing themselves right now.  However, without continued practice and guidance these qualities can remain mostly dormant. 


Dharma practice helps to awaken our own innate wisdom, not doctrine or creed, but the intelligence that lives in the body and is waiting to be mirrored, sustained and empowered. When we sit in embodied stillness the chronic tension and holding, that we have mistakenly identified as who we are, begins to loosen. As it unwinds, more and more of the heart’s natural wakefulness shines forth and enlightened qualities organically emerge.


A Salon is a community space designed to express what we value most individually and collectively. In order to have the courage to embody and express our deepest nature, it’s essential to have community to mirror, inspire and give feedback during the process.


The Dharma Salon led by Erin Selover, is a six-week sitting group that will encourage you to deeply listen and act on the unique expression of dharma as is moves through you. The group will include guided mediation, dharma talks and time for the awakened wisdom of the whole to emerge.


Come as you are. All are welcome. 




Buddhist Goddesses: Embodying the Dakini Within

with Erin Selover 


5 Monday, 1/18 – 2/22 (no class on 2/15)

7:15 – 9:15pm

933 Parker Street, Studio 38, Berkeley

$200 before January 6th; $225 after January 6th

No one turned away for lack of funds


We all embody unique configuration of enlightened qualities that are waiting to emerge with the right conditions. However, without the right support these qualities lie dormant and manifest in self-doubt, mood issues, addiction and disease. It is essential for the health of ourselves, our communities, and the earth herself that we embody these qualities fully and courageously.


This circle is an opportunity to somatically explore, embody and empower your unique awakened energy through the exploration of Buddhist goddesses.  The group will include sitting meditation, dharma talks, group sharing and concrete exercise and homework; including the study of the dakini principle and goddesses, such as, Prajnaparamita, Vajrayogini, and Kurukulla.


This will be a small intimate group designed for honest exploration of the deepest part of your being. Come prepared to share vulnerably, be inspired, set goals, and be held accountable by a compassionate group of fellow explores of the pathless path.


To register for the group email or call Erin directly at 510.847.9677 or erin@erinselover.com









Thanksgiving Insight Meditation Retreat

Erin Selover, Wes Nisker, Kate Munding, Matthew Brensilver

Friday, November 18th - Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Spirit Rock Meditation Center


The annual Thanksgiving Insight Meditation Retreat is an opportunity to explore during the holiday season what leads to lasting happiness and the nature of reality itself. This retreat will include seated meditation, walking meditation and daily dharma talks to support the unfolding of your unique spiritual journey.