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Events for 2018 + 2019





Fertile Void: A Meditation Retreat for Women

with Erin Selover and Nirali Shah

933 Parker Street, Studio 38, Berkeley

February 23, 24 & 25 and/or March 9, 10 & 11

Friday 7-9:30pm, Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 11-4 and 11-5:30

How can the stability, spaciousness and ease from meditation support  us to enter the underworld of our psyche?  How can we cultivate fine intuitive capacities to receive guidance from the sacred world through our bodies and dreams?  What would our lives look like if we drop our numbness and trust our wild primal energies?

We have unique gifts to draw from our inner well and offer to the world which is thirsty for our medicine. However, self-doubt, shame, addictions and out-dated habits block us from fully expressing these gifts.  In addition, social structures like racism, sexism, homophobia and the industrial growth system thrive on our silence and suppression of these vital energies.  
This retreat is designed to develop deep intuition and tenderness to listen to the sacred call, the internal song that is longing to express itself through our lives as well as the mysteries that are waiting to reveal themselves through our relationships - relationships with fellow humans, the animals, the unseen and the earth herself. To find the courage to journey into the forest of the unknown. To be instruments of service.


Registration information available soon...

Buddhist Goddesses: Embodying the Divine Feminine Within

with Erin Selover 


Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Sunday, February 11, 10:00am - 4:30pm

The natural beauty and intelligence that emerges though us when we feel safe and connected to life is longing to express itself fully. This retreat is an opportunity to somatically identify, explore and empower your unique awakened energy through the exploration of Buddhist goddesses. The day will include sitting meditation, movement meditation and dharma talks; including the study of Buddhist goddess of non-dual wisdom, Prajnaparamita.  


To learn more and register for this retreat click here.





Relaxed & Awake: An Introduction to Insight Meditation

with Erin Selover


Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2 Days: Saturday, March 17 - Sunday, March 18; 10:00am - 4:30pm 


Insight Meditation, known as vipassana meditation, is the 2,500 year-old practice of cultivating wise presence by bringing caring, curious, and discerning attention to what is happening moment-to-moment. With mindful presence, we cut through habitual reactivity and access innate states of well-being, creativity, and liberating insight through personal and universal understanding. 

This two day non-residential retreat will include guided sitting meditations, walking meditation, compassion practice, dharma talks, and opportunities for question and answers. 




Restore, Refresh, Renew: A Mindfulness Retreat for Women

Erin Selover, Noliwe Alexander, Anne Cushman,


Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Monday, April 16, 9:30am - Wednesday, April 18, 4:00pm


How do we live balanced, embodied, meaningful lives amid the complexities of our lives as contemporary women? How do we meet our ever-changing bodies with acceptance, love, and a sense of humor? How do we respond wisely to our current social and environmental realities that call for our unique contribution? 


We all need nourishing spaces to slow down and listen to the wisdom of our bodies-so we can grow into the wise, wild, present, and joyful women that the world desperately needs. Join a diverse circle of women for a retreat that integrates a seamless flow of mindfulness meditation in both movement and in stillness. 

To learn more and register for this retreat click here. 






Women's Lost Coast Retreat: Meditation on the Ocean 

with Susie Harrington and Erin Selover


Desert Dharma at California's Lost Coast

July 6 - June 14

We walk nine miles along the seashore - the walk is on a mix of sand, pebbles and boulders. Our food, one small bag of heavy gear per person, tents, and sleeping bags will be flown in for us. At the homestead, both camping and indoor sleeping are available. While it is remote and simple, hot showers and a complete kitchen with fresh food contribute to making it an inviting and nurturing place to be. If an outdoor retreat appeals to you, far from people, without the challenges of backpacking, this may be a retreat for you!


To learn more and register for this retreat click here.


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