Events for 2014

Awakening in the Body Retreat

Phillip Moffitt, Anne Cushman, Pacal Auclair, Erin Selover, March Reynold (qigong)

Saturday, May 3 - Friday May 9

Spirit Rock Meditation Center


The cultivation of awareness in the body opens the doorway to wisdom and compassion. In this retreat we will explore the body through sitting and walking meditaiton and guided movement classes. We will investigate on the body can be a portal to working with difficult emotions and a vehicle for as an enjoyable way to cultivate and stengthen insight. 




Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training Program, Retreat One

Anne Cushman, Will Kabat-Zinn, Pascal Auclair, Erin Selover

Wednesday, October 15 - Friday, October 24

Spirit Rock Meditation Center


This first 10-day retreat of the 18 month training combines vipassana meditation, asana, pranayama, private interviews, and dharma and yoga talks. The daily yoga and meditation practices will serve as vehicles for training and embodying core dharma principles of compassion, joy, wisdom and kindness. There are still a few spaces left in this training which I highly recommend. 

Intimacy with Life

Tara Brach, Pat Coffey, Jonathan Foust and Anam Thubten

Friday, October 24 - Friday October 31

Pearlstone Retreat Center


"Enlighenment is intimacy with all things," teaches Zen Master Dogen. While we long for this intimacy, we are conditioned to avoid the vulnerablity and fear that an intimate presence can arouse. This retreat will offer meditative training to cultivate the capacity to be intimate with our sensations of aliveness, presence and freedom. I will be assisting this retreat and offering group and individual interviews. 




Feeding Your Demons Daylong

Erin Selover

Saturday, December 6; 9 - 4:30

Spirit Rock Meditation Center


This is a silent daylong where students will learn how to integrate the Feeding Your Demons practice, developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, into their mindfulness practice. Feeding Your Demons is a tranformative tool used to befriend difficult aspects of our experience and utilize the energy for freedom and well-bing. We will alternate between periods of vipassana meditation, demon feeding practice and question and answers.