Erin began practicing meditation and yoga over ten years ago while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga. The simplicity of living on a remote island in a coconut leaved house, without running water or electricity, led her to question who she was and where she was heading. Upon return, she declined a job offer at a large Fortune 500 company to listen and follow the inner pull that awakened during that time. She tried her hand at organic gardening, and carpentry of which she was mediocre at best, but eventually starting guiding teenagers where she excelled. While deepening in meditation and yoga through daily practice and silent retreats, she worked as a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Niroga Institute, a Mindfulness Teacher and Administrator with the organization now called IBMe and a Rites of Passage Mentor with the Stepping Stones Project.  Her skill at working with people eventually led her to pursue several thousand hours of training in mental health including a Masters Degree in Counseling.


She is yoga practioner and has taught yoga in mental health settings throughout the bay area. She completed 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tim Miller of Encintas California and more recently 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with friend and teacher, Katchi Ananda.


She lives in Berkeley with her husband, where she enjoys reverie with friends, losing herself in nature, and cooking anything gluten and dairy free.