Mystery Knowledge 


What is mystery knowledge?


In practical terms, mystery knowledge can be as simple as having a sense that a ginger tea would be good for your stomach ache. Or as dramatic as a sudden spiritual opening that leads to significant changes in your life.


Both of these are examples of knowledge connected with an aspect of human experience that I refer to as mystery. The knowledge we come to is immediate and yet it's source and ways of functioning remain mysterious. 

In my experience having a direct connection to mystery brings a sense of purpose, well-being, orientation and adventure to life. I have been blessed to have a connection to mystery since my earliest memories. I have dedicated large portions of my life to courting and exploring the mysterious aspects of being human. 

Below is a list of practices that I both do and teach. From my experience as a teacher and practitioner these when practiced with humility, sincerity and humor can increase out capacity to stay in an honest relationship with the unknown.



Buddhism teaches that is possible to be free regardless of the conditions in your life. That there is a ground of being that is a stable and reliable base amoungst the continual fluctuations in our lives that we can rest. It also teaches about compassionate and skillful action in response to suffering. 

I have been practicing and teaching Buddhism for almost 20 years and it's the foundation of all my other work. I serve on the Teachers Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center where I lead intensive retreats. 

Celtic Wheel of the Year

Since Samhain 2021, I have been leading a small group on the Solstices, Equinox and Cross Quarter holidays of Imbolc, Beltane, Llamas and Samhain. This is one of my current passion projects. 


Another experiment in truth this group and I are co-learning together what sincerely praying to align with the earth and cosmic energy roughly even six weeks reveals in our intentions to be of service at this time of great crisis. 


If this calls you I sincerely invite you to join us on the journey. All of these rituals are offered completely on gift. 

Rites of Passage & Initiation 

As humans we are constantly in a process of change. Some changes are sudden and other more gradual. They are a natural part of life that in modernity we often do not have orientation to so we think something is wrong. Or we never actually complete the cycles because we are disoriented. Or we only complete some of the aspects and other parts are left as voids in our life. 

I see all of my work with individuals and organizations as supporting them in rites of passages and supporting initiating them into their next stage of life. 

Embodiment: The Body as the Teacher

I am currently in my own deep dive of embodiment. After suffering for years of chronic pain and overriding it, I am now committed to working with deep listening and moving the body as one of my primary practices. 

I teach from my direct experience, so as i am on this journey it will be woven into my writings and teaching. 

Daily Practice 


One of the best ways to connect with mystery is to have a daily practice. For some people the disciple of a daily practice comes naturally. Some people have one disciple and one practice and do it daily for years easily. 


I am not one of those people.


I have to love what I do in order to do it with any consistency and I am a synthesizer.  So daily practice for me is an evolving relationship with what is calling my psyche at any given time. 

My offerings 


Most of my teachings offer some combination of all these systems and practices as well as the knowledge from the collective liberation work I am deeply immersed in with Nonviolent Global Liberation. 


I encourage you to check out my events page and join one of the upcoming offerings.