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Testimonials from Spiritual Strategy Clients

“I feel like I hit the jackpot.”

“Working with Erin has been empowering and nurturing. I have been wanting to do this type of inner work for a long time but knew it would take a special guide to accompany me on my journey, and I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found Erin. 


As a white woman committed to racial justice work, I have been able to move through areas of stuckness and see blindspots with tenderness thanks to Erin's support. I appreciate her ability to hold multiple complexities and support me in deepening my awareness of larger systems of oppression and my conditioning around them. I have known certain things to be true on a cognitive level but it be disconnected from my body and heart due to shame, fear, and/or confusion; Erin has guided me through practices that have manifested profound somatic experiences for me and allowed the knowingness to sink deep into my being. This has brought clarity and regenerative healing on levels far deeper than traditional psychotherapy I've engaged with in the past.


One of the amazing things about working with Erin is that I can bring anything to the table and I trust that she'll hold it with compassion and tenderness. Such spaciousness helps me explore experiences and thoughts I don't talk about with anyone, especially areas of my life where I carry the most shame. 


Working with Erin has also enriched my learning and growth as a licensed clinical social worker because she not only models true collaboration and strength-based approach, but gives insight into her process.”

- San Francisco-Based Social Worker

“She is my most trusted advisor.”

“As a woman working in both technology and the performing arts, I realized I needed support balancing my two paths. Erin and I began by working through my first transition from full-time engineer to full-time performing artist. A few years later, she helped me transition back into technology, while maintaining my path forward in the arts.


Working with Erin during these times has helped me better understand myself and my needs as the situations around me modulate. She has helped me better harness my strengths and improve my coping mechanisms in areas of challenge. Now, Erin and I continue to check in about once per quarter, and she continues to provide support and guidance in this ever-changing world. She is my most trusted advisor; she is brimming with wisdom and kindness, and I would recommend her whole-heartedly to others.”

- San Francisco-Based Senior Software Engineer & Acrobat

“Erin helped me unpack what I want.”

“I had hit a point where my entire focus was on what came next vs. what was happening now. I was so overwhelmed with tasks, appointments, and reaching my potential, I had stopped asking myself what I truly wanted. In working with Erin, I found a path back to living a purposeful life. Though mindfulness, quiet and deep exploration, Erin helped me unpack what I want, what I don't want and what I am willing and not willing to do to shape a life of my choosing.”

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