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Distributive Leadership

& Gift Economics 

Co-designing human and economic systems that work for all


My current passion is working with small and large groups to shift top-ineffective leadership and exchange-based economics to distributive leadership and gift economics.


If you are interested in this work, please explore my Resources PageIf you would like to work directly with me, please send me a note telling me about the project you are working on and your current needs.


I am very full with projects right now. With the right project, there may be capacity to work directly with you; otherwise I will do my best to direct you to resources that can support you. 

Nonviolent Global Liberation Community

Nonviolent Global Liberation is the community where I am actively training and working in a co-designing capacity.  We create collaborative systems that meet as many needs as possible. This work is based on problem solving through a systemic lens and prioritizing collective liberation and principles of nonviolence.

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