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Resources on Distributive Leadership and Gift Economics

Here are some of my favorite articles and learning topics:


The soft qualities to transform Patriarchy by Miki Kashtan 

Why Capitalism is Cannot be Redeemed​ by Miki Kashtan

Decision Making Systems: From Either/Or to Integration by Miki Kastan

Here are links to more information on how to create your Distributive Leadership + Gift Economics Systems within the Principles of Nonviolence:

Learning Packets Distributive Leadership, Gift Economics and Nonviolence

Their Blood Got Mixed by Janet Biehl

Here is a link to a book that is bringing me to tears in the heartbreak and the possibility of what we can co-create in times of crisis when we come together: 

Their Blood Got Mixed: Revolutionary Rojava and the War on Isis by Janet Biehl

Life Balance Institute

Life Balance Institute

Mentored by Phillip Moffitt


The Life Balance Institute is the legacy work of my dear teacher and friend Phillip Moffitt. I am a Changes and Transitions Strategist with the Institute and continue ongoing training.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

I have been practicing and teaching Buddhism for almost 20 years and it's the foundation of all of my other work. I serve on the Teachers Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center where I lead intensive retreats.


Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Located in Fairfax, California and online

Completed five years of Intensive Teacher Training 2011 - 2016

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