Spiritual Strategy sessions with individuals


As a Spiritual Strategist, Erin focuses on working with people who are deeply committed to re-directing our current economic, social, environmental and political crisis to a model that works for everyone.

Her clients work in art, water stewardship, land stewardship, healthcare, education, and law. Their roles range from grass roots organizing to Chief Operating and Technical Officers and everything in between. 

The main focus is on supporting people navigate change. Often change has been an internal and external aspect. For example, you may be longing for an external change, like to change jobs. While at the same time, internally you want to shift your relationship to work that is more balanced and includes more of your needs. Erin specializes in anchoring and stabilizing internal changes while making external change. 

Erin is a Change & Transitions Strategist with the Life Balance Institute. In addition, her session draw from fifteen years as a Body-Oriented Therapy, twenty years Buddhist practice, decades of teaching, Biodynamic Cranial Touch and her passion for Distributive Leadership & Gift Economies.

Sessions are usually one hour and fifteen minutes and happen every three to six weeks depending on need. Sessions are offered  through video conferencing. 

If you would like to explore working together send me an email with detailed information about the change you are wanting to make in your life and  why you are drawn to work particularly with me. You can find my email address in the footer.  If it makes sense we can scheduled a 20 minute phone consultation to explore working together. 


The Life Balance Institute is the legacy work of Phillip Moffitt. I am trained as a Change and Transitions Strategist with the Institute. I continue to train with them.