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Individual Therapy


Sessions focus on identifying and utilizing your innate strength and wisdom to creatively meet what is challenging you and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. Sessions are either 50 or 75 minutes and we can work on a short or long term basis depending on your needs. I also collaborate with other health care providers, including psychiatrists, nutritionists, educational consultants, doctors and other therapists.


Young Adult & Teen Therapy


Adolecence and young adulthood is a unique phase of life where theraputic support can make a dramatic difference in one’s life. We are biologically wired during during these yeasrs  to look outside ourselves for guidance and modeling as we move out into the world. A therapeutic relationship can help support this transition with solid guidance and exploration of one’s strengths and values in order to make critical choices that will lead to a more fulfilling life.


Family Therapy


As you make needed changes in our lives, at times it can be supportive to include family members or a partner in the process to help facilitate and support your growth. Sessions with family members vary in content but can include psychoeducation to increase understanding and empathy, skills training to improve communication and a facilitated environment to discuss important topics.

Payment is accepted in the form of check or cash at the time of service or by credit card at the end of each month. Invoices are provided at the end of the month to submit to insurance company upon request.

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